About Us

Everybody wants to look good. We all want to look good. That’s why cosmetics is the fastest growing industry in the field of business. As the demand increases, natural and organic cosmetic products seems to become exhausting to process and inaccessible. As a result, Scientists in the modern laboratory have created synthetic skincare where they molecularly replicated natural substances found in plants and nature to imitate the same effect in natural and organic skincare and cosmetics. Synthetic skincare often will take all the positive aspects of natural ingredients. Very few of us are knowledgeable that synthetic products can be toxic, as they accumulate in the body over time and can cause skin and mucous membrane irritations, which can result in cancer.
Established in October 2015 in the Philippines, Pretty Tin’s Organics is here to help you achieve beautiful, radiant, and younger-looking skin naturally without compromising the long-term health of the skin. We are here to change the way common skincare and haircare products are done.
As we thrive to provide “BEAUTY and HEALTH from Nature”, our products are carefully made with the best selected natural and certified organic ingredients with thorough attention to both health and beauty benefits to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our products are proudly free of any harmful chemicals or endocrine disruptors, cruelty-free (our products are never tested on animals), vegan, and eco-friendly. Carrying a wide variety of products, Pretty Tin’s addresses different skin types.

Pretty Tin's Organics was validated by experts and consumers with various National and Asian Awards such as NETIZEN'S BEST CHOICE AWARDS Thru Online nomination in 2017, ASIAN ORGANIC QUALITY and ASIA PACIFIC EXCELLENCE AWARD by The Asia's Pacific Excellence Award Council (APAC), won the PEOPLE'S CHOICE and MOST TRUSTED BRAND, too! Aside from the awards mentioned, the thousands of positive reviews and repetitive purchases from satisfied customers will give you the reasons why you should trust Pretty Tin’s Organics, too!

Our Mission

Pretty Tin’s Organics is committed to providing all-natural, Organic plant-based, and eco-friendly ingredients to ensure both the benefits of long-term beauty and health that results in happy and satisfied customers. 

We are also committed to supplementing the family income by offering business opportunities through drop shipping, eCommerce, and online direct selling of our products.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading option of top-quality organic natural products and to be every family’s supreme income generator through ecommerce.